Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks

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Kalon athletic socks for women, designed by women. Cushiony soft soles give you extra support in your stride. The tab at the back of the ankle - peaks over the edge of your athletic sneaker to provide more stay up power …

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Kalon athletic socks for women, designed by women. Cushiony soft soles give you extra support in your stride. The tab at the back of the ankle - peaks over the edge of your athletic sneaker to provide more stay up power while you're out on the go. So get walking, head into town, get comfy, with Kalon soft and comfortabe synthetic socks. The top of the athletic sock have a mesh panel that increases breathability. Add a little fun to your athletic socks with our bright color sock packs. Sure to please that ahtletic woman on your shopping list. Need standard black athletic socks - we've got packs with all black too. So get your low cut socks purchasing done and out of the way with our 12 pair packs. Stock up and save on quality and comfort. Our midweight socks are a perfect balance between too thin and too thick. It's the everday sock with an athletic twist. Fully synthetic materials (polyester spandex). Means the fibers will break down more slowly than old cotton socks - it also prevents blisters. We also have super bright colors because of the synthetic fibers that we use. In fashion colors to match your athletic wear. Our pinks pack for example has a bright neon pink, purple, and a currant (purple-pink) colors. Our Blues pack comes with a bold cobalt blue, a pow aqua-teal blue and an in-your-face- neon yellow lime. All the color packs also come with black athletic socks and we do have a full black pack of women's socks as well. We get that soft cushion step - by looping the knit on the inside sole of the sock - this is what gives that extra thickness and adds a little padding to your step. Additionally we add a little padding to the heel and toe - to maximize comfort in your athletic shoes. Around the ankle is where the elastic is pumped up a notch and rib knitted so that it can stay low but still stay up. Our low cut socks also have a tab at the back ankle. This hangs over the top of your athletic shoe (at the back) - and this is what allows the sock to stay up better when you start kicking up your performance a notch and into high gear. Mesh panels increase the flow of air around your feet so your feet stay cool and fresh.

10 Reviews

  • Great!

    Posted by Gigi on 30th Jun 2022

    After having these socks for a a short while and wearing them, I can say that they are great. I love them! They fit right to my foot, have a fun design, are the perfect color, go well with my other socks, etc. They don't go underneath my foot in the shoe. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Not tight, just right feel and fit.

    Posted by Jo Ann on 28th Jun 2022

    I like how Kalon Low Cut Socks for Women Athletic feels on my skin and how light their are. Socks are very breathable, soft it looks like you can wear it in this early spring, fall it maybe a little bit in the winter too. Not tight, just right feel and fit.

  • Satisfied

    Posted by Helen on 27th Jun 2022

    I'd never heard of this brand before but I couldn't find colorful socks with heel tabs for running anywhere else. So I decided to give it a try and I am very pleased. The socks are good quality and fit comfortably (I wear size 8.5 - 9 shoe). They wash well and the color doesn't bleed. They stay in place in my running shoes. I had thought the lighter blue color was turquoise but it is more like teal -- not my preference but it works out okay. I wish the black socks weren't included -- now I have six black pairs because I bought the pink assortment also. I would have liked an assortment of all colors instead. Nevertheless, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Great socks

    Posted by Silvana on 26th Sep 2021

    Most tab socks have such a big tab that I don't like how it looks. These socks have the perfect tab. It's there but it's not obnoxious and huge. The socks fit me very well (I am a US size 8) and do not slip. They are very soft and comfortable and I love that so many come in one pack. Really great value. I use them for running and I felt no discomfort or chafing. They're great for anything though...even if you're not doing something athletic. The top of the socks are ventilated which I think helps a lot on warmer days. Overall, a really great sock option for being active or just all purpose!

  • Most comfortable socks

    Posted by Daniel on 18th Jun 2021

    These are the most comfy socks I own! I placed my freshly pedicured feet in the socks and it feels as if I slipping my feet into a cottony blanket. My feet can actually breathe. These ae definitely being given as gifts for loved ones!

  • Super comfortable

    Posted by Amely on 2nd Jun 2021

    These socks are super comfortable and have great color. I love the tab on the ankle, I tend to have issues with my ankle rubbing in the shoe and this prevents that. I wear a womens shoe size 8 and i could've used a smaller sock. The socks rolled up in my shoe too much for my taste. These do have some stretch and aren't thin socks. They are thinner on the top area to allow for breathing but have plenty of cushion on the bottom.

  • Great design

    Posted by Whitley on 19th May 2021

    I received the Kalon Low Cut Socks and I like the design and colors that comes in the packaging. I was very pleased that these are very easy to put on and are very soft and comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend this product

  • Cute

    Posted by Barbara on 15th May 2021

    Kalon - Kalon Low Cut Socks for Women Athletic with Tab 12 Pairs Pack Low Rise socks are really comfortable. They are not too thick. By the ankle is a little thicker. Helps with pulling the socks on. They also have a cute design on the toes.

  • I love them

    Posted by Peyton on 13th May 2021

    I absolutely love love love these socks they are super comfy super soft and just well made. Very pretty decor as well. I love how it has the ankle guard to helps when I’m wearing my low cut shoes. Highly recommend my fianc? had even stole a pair

  • Very comfortable

    Posted by Conny on 26th Apr 2021

    These are comfortable and there are enough for me to wear for a long time. I have purchased new socks for myself in a long time. These are soft, but the floral print is a bit large for my taste. They fit me well I am a size 7-8 shoe.